“Forman Capital is a first rate lender that understands how important it is to be honest and creative when it comes to bridge lending. We brought them a challenging loan “outside” the box of many lenders. This loan had foreign borrowers, a short time frame and a property type that many lenders would not touch. Forman took the time to understand our client’s business plan and designed a loan that worked for everyone. This loan closed in five business days. Many thanks to the Forman Capital team.”
– Joe

“The last four years have been the most difficult of my life with this ordeal with the bank leaving and selling our loan to this predator character. You hung with us with you could have easily walked and gotten on an airplane and gone home which would have been the easy thing to do but you didn’t and we are so very grateful that we were able to save our business that just appraised for $4.8M.
I would be more than happy to speak with any of your skeptical borrowers and tell them that you are a man of your word and that you can and will make a loan happen for them without question. Dan and Lori were so very pleasant to work with after the closing. We are truly indebted and cant’s say “thanks” enough for all of your help.”
– Larry T.

“I would highly recommend Forman Capital if you’re in need of quick capital to support a solid project. Forman Capital was able to deliver quickly for my client when other lenders couldn’t. From day one the Forman team gave us the assurance that my client’s deal would get done.”
– Deborah N. G.S. Wilcox & Co.

“Absent shaking your hand personally, I send this e-mail to thank you and your staff for proving that my choice and Charles’ of Forman Capital was a wise one.Finding our way through the issues in this deal in the time we had was a unique accomplishment and evidences a lot of skill for all involved. Thank you for your personal involvement in getting this closed. It made the difference. It was good to meet you. I am hopeful that we deal with each other again.”
– Joseph P.

“I have had the pleasure of representing Forman Capital from its inception. Besides our involvement in developing its corporate structure, members of our real estate, financing and related practices in Florida, New York, Texas and Pennsylvania have been involved with transactions consummated by Forman Capital and have been very impressed with the Forman Capital team’s tenacity, thoughtfulness and commitment to their deals. Most importantly, of the deals we have worked on with Forman Capital, the vast majority of the transactions closed and funded — and all on an efficient and expeditious timeframe (most in less than two weeks and one mezzanine land loan in five business days from start to close).”
–  Senior Partner Corporate Practice


“I met Brett Forman to discuss my acquisition and development of four parcels of land, including two marinas. Forman Capital provided $22MM for the acquisition and we had a closing and funding in less than three weeks. Forman and his team attacked the transaction with thought and conviction. We quickly came to an agreement and the deal funded exactly as discussed. I was impressed with their speed, integrity and creativity. Furthermore, as the deal changed, Forman worked with us to accommodate our needs.
As far as lenders go, there are none more entrepreneurial or creative and certainly few who work faster.”
– Marty S.

“I met Brett Forman and presented the Forman Capital team with a $15MM land loan in Ft. Lauderdale. The deal had a very quick fuse as a commercial bank had declined to fund the transaction at the last minute.
In spite of serveal significant last minute changes on the developer’s team, Forman Capital rolled with the punches and delivered the $15MM bridge loan, on the same terms as originally quoted, within two weeks.
The process was very smooth for all parties involved. I recommend Forman Capital highly.”
– Paul G.

“Over the past several years, I have had occasion to refer clients with complex and diverse financing needs to Brett Forman of Forman Capital. Mr. Forman’s team has always responded well and has often been able to assist our clients in ways that traditional banks could not. Recently we were faced with a complex refinancing situation on an oceanfront estate project in Vero Beach. Forman Capital helped us accomplish all our funding goals in ways that traditional lenders could not. Based on these creative funding solutions, we are able to complete the project in a timely fashion and to allow for an appropriate sale.”
– Clark F.

“Forman Capital approached the deal I sent to them with the utmost Professionalism and hands on support that I needed to make my deal work. Few and far between these days a true lender opens up a file with the attitude of “How can I make this work”, that is the approach of Forman Capital, which not only makes deals work but, educated me in the process of how to look at a deal,the right way .”
– Richard A. – Mortgage Broker

“Congratulations! And thank you for hanging in there. We greatly admire your stamina and ability to navigate what became a lengthy, grueling process. It was truly a pleasure working with you.”
– South FL, Broker

“What was accomplished in no more than 10 days was almost a miracle for [our client’s] loan.

I would like to thank you both for the introduction, your very valuable time, giving me a chance to work with you , incredible support, professionalism and the team: each person in the Forman Capital team and legal aid has performed superior to ANY experience I have had in my 19 years in real estate.

I am really looking forward to working with you on many other ventures.”
– I. C. – Mortgage Broker

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All of our testimonials are factual and verifiable.  We will be glad to provide references upon request.