• Investment Size: $3MM – $50MM
  • Locations: Primary and secondary markets nationwide
  • Property Types Up to 85% LTV: Hospitality, retail, multifamily, condominiums, industrial, office, warehouse, assisted
  • living facilities, vacant commercial properties, resolve trouble loans, discounted note payoffs, foreclosures, debtor in
  • possession (DIP), blanket loans and alternative assets considered on a case by case basis
  • Land & Construction (Select Markets): Typically 50% – 65% LTC
  • Pricing: varies, depending on transaction characteristics
  • Term: 1-3 years, plus extension options and 5 years on a case by case basis


  • Executive Summary and Source & Uses
  • Proforma
  • T12
  • Rent-Roll (if applicable)
  • IF LAND: Please provide a breakdown of entitlements
  • IF CONSTRUCTION: Please provide approved uses: buildable square footage, saleable square footage and sell-out info.
  • IF EB5: Please provide EB5 deal structure: rate, term, current pay, accrual, in escrow, background, etc.
  • IF GROUND LEASE: What time is left on ground lease, rate, term & options?
  • (If borrower owns the property, please provide the purchase price paid, amount infused to date, when property was purchased or is property under contract, deposits hard, if not when do they go hard, if partners, what amount is borrowers and what amount is partners equity?)

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